Drinking Chocolates

Drinking Chocolates

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Gardenaire Drinking Chocolates are indulgent and deeply flavorful sipping chocolates made with the finest Belgian and French chocolates (and no cocoa powder). Rich and smooth, these single origin, whole bean, drinking chocolates are a real treat for chocolate lovers. Available in Classique/Classic (63%), Au Lait/Milk (39%), Aux Chiles/Chile (63%) and Noir/Dark (69%).

Available in two sizes: 8oz Makes 4 larger cups or 8 demitasse cups and 2oz Makes 1 large cup or 2 demitasse cups

***Now Available***

Our wonderful friend, Sheryl Ness, has written a novel about her journey into the heart of Tuscany where her passion for Italian cooking, culture, and language led her to discover true love. Pick up a copy of Love in a Tuscan Kitchen: Savoring Life through the Romance, Recipes and Traditions of Italy HERE.  In honor of our dear friends, Sheryl and Vincenzo, we have created a special drinking chocolate inspired by their infamous Chocolate Love Cake. Curl up with this romantic novel and let yourself be transported to the Italian countryside as you sip this perfectly dark (58%) chocolate with just a hint of raspberry.