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current collection

At Gardenaire every product is organically grown and crafted by hand from the garden to the table. Current Collection Available in the Shop >



Our shrub recipes offer enticing combinations of organic fruits and herbs, organic raw & unfiltered apple cider vinegar and organic cane sugar that are fermented and cold-pressed using a Colonial-era method of fruit preservation. These tangy and refreshing blends can be paired with water, sparkling soda or spirits to create distinctive and intriguing drinks. In addition, you can use the brightly flavored shrubs in salads or as a marinade.   Find Current Flavors in the Shop >


spice BLENDS

At Gardenaire, we know that the perfect blend of herbs and spices can turn an ordinary dish into a culinary masterpiece. Our tantalizing spice mixes help every cook create delicious recipes for any occasion and palate. We grind and blend our organic herbs and spices in small batches to ensure the utmost freshness.           Find Current Blends in the Shop >


teas & tisanes

Our daily tea ritual, fueled by the pursuit of the perfect cup and the love of a whistling kettle, led us to create our blends of premium loose leaf teas and tisanes. We sourced the finest organic teas and hand blend them with organic herbs and spices to create crisp and refreshing blends that can be enjoyed hot or iced. Our caffeine free tisanes are flavorful infusions of herbs and spices in alluring combinations that can be savored any time of day. Find Current Blends in the Shop >


infused syrups

Our syrups are infused with organic herbs, fruits and spices and showcase the true flavors of our exceptional ingredients. Infused syrups provide an easy way to add vibrant, fresh flavors to your favorite drinks - cocktails, sparkling wines or sodas, lemonade, iced tea or coffee. Our syrups also offer an exciting burst of flavor basted as marinades, whisked into vinaigrettes, or drizzled over ice cream, cake, yogurt or fresh fruit.  Find Current Flavors in the Shop >