How long will my ____ keep?

Gardenaire shrubs and infused syrups are best enjoyed within a year of bottling, you will find your product's "Best By" date on each bottle. After purchasing, store your shrub or infused syrup in a dry, cool place. Upon opening, refrigerate and enjoy within 4 - 6 weeks. Gardenaire teas, tisanes and spice blends are best enjoyed within 2 years of hand mixing, you will find your product's "Best By" date on each tin or jar.

Note - Our Za'atar spice mix contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil and is best enjoyed within one year of hand mixing, you will find your product's "Best By" date on each jar.

Where Can I Buy Your Products?

You can find our Gardenaire booth at the Rochester Downtown Farmers Market. The Summer Market is held every Saturday morning from May through October from 7:30am - Noon at 4th St. SE & 4th Ave. SE, Rochester, Minnesota. The Winter Market is held every other Saturday morning from November through April from 9:00am - Noon at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds Building #35.

Our products are also available at select retail outlets. For a complete list of our retail partners click here.

What is a Tisane?

A tisane (pronounced "teas on") is a French word for "herbal infusion" and is the proper name for herbal teas as true teas are prepared from the cured leaves of the tea plant. Tisanes are beverages made from the infusion of herbs, spices or flowers and do not typically contain caffeine. Tisanes can be served hot or cold.

Are Your Products Gluten-Free? Allergen-free?

Gardenaire shrubs, infused syrups, spice blends, marshmallows, teas and tisanes are free from nuts, dairy, eggs, soy and gluten, although they are made on equipment that handles products that contain these allergens. Gardenaire Classique/Classic, Aux Chiles/Chile and Noir/Dark drinking chocolates contain soy and may contain traces of dairy and tree nuts.  Gardenaire Au Lait/Milk drinking chocolate contains soy and dairy and may contain traces of tree nuts. Gardenaire S'mores Kits contain dairy, eggs, soy and gluten and may contain traces of tree nuts. Please use your discretion to determine whether these production methods are suitable for your specific allergy.

Why Are You Out Of My Favorite Flavor?

Gardenaire's production of a given flavor is limited to the amount of time that a fruit or herb is in season and the amount of time it takes to grow, harvest and create each product. We are constantly working to improve our garden yields and make as much of each flavor as possible, however, limited edition flavors may sell out quickly. We are also limited in what we can transport to market each week so be sure to ask us if you don't see your favorite flavor and we can let you know when it will be available or suggest another product you may enjoy.

What Should I Do With My Empty Bottle, Jar or Tin

Gardenaire's glass and metal containers are all recyclable. Our glass bottles can be used to store your vinaigrettes or other leftover homemade sauces. They also make cute flower vases or makeshift flasks (shhhh!). Our jars and tins can be used to hold a wide array of household items such as paperclips, rubber bands, or nails or carry them in your lunch bag filled with salad toppers or snacks. Get creative and then get yourself to the farmers market as soon as possible to restock your favorites.

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